Hello, I’m Vanessa

SOUL COACH & Transformation Catalyst

I am driven by one purpose:


So I am…

Your wake up call into unleashing your best magic yet! Here to serve you now.

Vanessa is Transformation Coach, Author and Intuitive Healer

helping Twin Flames, Star Seeds, and Awakening Souls by catalysing their union to their higher love, personal empowerment and collective transformation

I have spent the last 20 years helping teams propel their creative impact, harnessing collaboration within leading companies operating worldwide. So I am all about CoCreation.

I have a Degree in Ayurveda with Dr. Prachiti Kinikar, ascribed to Pune University in India, and I have been trained in Tony Robbin’s Transformation Coaching. So I am all about Natural Wisdom & Personal Growth.

I am Reiki Master Healer since 2002, and I have been drawn to Yoga and Meditation since forever. I co-authored a fiction book about the ancient civilisation of Atlantis with my father in 2010, The Revelation of Mithra, my greatest pilgrimage into lost inner knowledge, where you can read about the most creative mission we dreamed up as humankind well over 4,000 years ago – that’s some anticipation! So I am all about activating the Power Within, working with Energised Creativity and manifesting Inspired Dreams.

I am proficient in high-level Energy Healing, Akashic Oracle reading and therapy, Soul Retrieval and Alignment, Trinity Energy and Alchemical Manifestation, Vortexes, Portals and Grids, and, the jewel of the crown, Twin Flame Mission and living in Oneness. Translation: I am also forever learning.

Other than that,

I have initiated my own start-up companies, built a few homes, planted some trees…

But my most challenging endeavour currently is getting my 8-year old son to believe in Fairies again!

Stay tuned!


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