Self Empowerment to Awaken the Dreamer

Ready to go back to Universe-ity? The whole universe is within YOU, so this program quantum-beams you WITHIN, to provide an intensive experience into exploring your own most expansive identity. The results? You’ve found your way to a powerful threshold! Expect to activate an enhanced set of abilities, unapologetically switching on the light straight from your soul to show you onto a magic carpet ride of renewed ease and flow into your life. Ready to grow your own set of wings? Overcome the fear that keeps you playing small and instead expand into pleasure, joy and infinite possibility! It is time to spread those wings!


What if there is a place of sustained relaxation, peace of mind and continuing rejuvenation? The Soul Spa is a state of consciousness rather than a place, open to serve you 24/7 once we show you the techniques, tools and keys to access your own place of renewal clearly calling you home. Shed your old skin, let go of those unhealthy habits, pulverise limiting beliefs, patterns, karma, ancestral ties, archetypes, entities, conditioning, whatever name you call them, whatever form they contract you in, whatever lifetime they are from! Allow your Body-Mind / Emotions- and Spirit to come into alignment, integrated alliance, and atunement into their own perfect frequency and wise natural harmony.

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